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My name is Mark Warmoth, and after 2 ½ years, I have started to build trailers again! I still have the passion to build the best product available, with fresh lessons in life, business, and humility. I am of healthy mind, and motivated to do the kind of business, that will reassure you, my customers, as well as the business community, of my resolve, and my continued commitment to excellence & integrity. 

We are now Extreme Warrior,™ and I promise to build trailers that exceed your expectations, to only do business with other companies & people that do the same, to keep innovating and refining the products, to make them more affordable, more dependable, and the highest in resale value. We have the burning desire to build and to be the best, and in the process, I want to do the things that make all our lives a little better. In essence, “We are here to serve our families by serving your family.”

Thank You

First off—thank you—for everything—I couldn’t be more proud of the brands we built and the relationships we have developed. I have witnessed firsthand, the extreme ups and downs of business, and life in general. “From zero to hero and back to zero” again—what a great country we live in! I am a better person for the journey and hopefully a better business man. For those customers or businesses that got caught up in my wake, when we so suddenly closed, I am truly sorry and would love to hear firsthand your stories. I do understand the principles that made Warrior the amazing company it was, and the mistakes I made that caused the kinks in what seemed like flawless armor. To my customers—thank you from the bottom of my heart. All that warrior ever was I owe to you, to the vendors that helped us, and to the dealers that took care of the warrior customers after we were forced to close our doors. I look forward to hearing those stories as well.

The New Trailer

When I built the first Warrior in 1988, I had over 14 years of experience building RVs, and now, 35 years of experience. The new generation of Warriors is a team effort with some of the most experienced people in the industry, each of us over 30 years. We have, from the ground up, and with pain staking scrutiny, chosen each and every item that makes up the new generation of trailers—every component, and every feature. The new generation of Warriors are well thought-out, affordable, comfortable and dependable, hand-built with care, and Warrior’s signature attention to detail and style. My desire is to recapture the best of the best, offering only the most popular models and only working with dealers known for their family atmosphere and attention to customer service. I want to build the company lean & streamlined, and take all the extra effort and pour it into product refinement and customer satisfaction. If there is a perfect trailer— affordable, dependable comfortable, and with high resale value, this is it. The new Extreme Warrior.™ -Mark E. Warmoth (Founder & CEO-Weekend Warrior™ Trailers, 1988-2008) General & Product Consultant Extreme Warrior