The usual planting time for white yam is March to April, depending on the time the tuber dormancy is broken, as indicated by the sprouting of tubers under storage and upon start of rain in a particular area. Do you know that yams can be planted in bags? Yam is the name given to several plant species in the genus Dioscorea including Dioscorea alata (white yam), Dioscorea bulbifera (potato yam), Dioscorea cayenensis (yellow yam), Dioscorea esculenta (Asiatic yam) and Dioscorea batatas (Chinese yam) that are grown for their edible tubers. For this, we adapted the CropSyst model to simulate yam development and growth. Spacings play a big part – make for a generous 60cm; If you live where Autumns are cool, start your yams early in pots. ), whose harvest date varies from February to June depending upon weather and the schedule of the sugar factory. Yam plants produce flowers (Figs. Plant the slips in the pot at a 45° angle so that the sprouts will grow above the soil. “We did not eat them but had them cut into pieces and used as planting material,” he explained. There is probably as much yam plant info as there are species: 600 different species with as many uses. Full harvest should be ready within 10-11 months. The aim of this study was to assess the change in the radiation use efficiency (RUE) as a function of the planting date, and its effect on yam growth and yields. 1 0 obj factors influencing the agronomic performance of the adapted yam minisett technique in nigeria – planting date and gender of the farmer - volume 54 issue 1 Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a … ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. White yam is best planted in rainy season within the months of March and April, depending on the time the tuber dormancy is broken, as indicated by the sprouting of tubers under storage and upon beginning of rain in a particular area. If you have bulbils, you can just use those; however, some yam species don’t make bulbils or you may be starting with a store-bought yam and don’t want to plant the whole thing. Plant slips in May to June when the soil has warmed, in earthed-up rideges. To get the best of the crops, you must adopt the best fertilizer for yam from any of the yam cultivation pdf. This venture began with two baskets of yams that were sent from the village. Best planted at soil temperatures between 63°F and 95°F. The slips have to be placed at a distance of at least 8 inches from each other in the middle of the container. This species of yam is much cultivated in China for its edible root that can be up to one metre long. Plant tubers about 5cm (1.5") deep covered with soil. Yams grow well in most soils and an all-purpose mix produces desired results when growing indoors. The model was modified, calibrated and tested using two independent data sets from field experiments carried out in Guadeloupe (French Antilles) under non-limiting conditions for water and nutrients and over a wide range of planting dates and photoperiods (e.g. domized complete block design. application/pdfScientific & Academic PublishingScientific & Academic PublishingYam, Rainfall-Potential Evapotranspiration, Planting date, Agro-climatic indices 4 0 obj The model was a powerful tool to identify the underlying mechanisms affecting yam yields for some early planting dates, and to assess the factors involved in the high year-to-year variability currently observed in water yam yields. 2 0 obj R2 > 0.92 for the correlation between modelled and measured tuber biomass. The planting date of yam depends on the area and rainfall. The date of planting had a profound influence on anthracnose severity, contributing 72% of the observed variation due to combined effects of planting date, genotype and their interactions. “To date we have about 1200 short yams or uvi leka, about 100 plus long yams or uvi balavu and 100 plus as well of the Philippine varieties of yam,” he said. I am usually fascinated by inventions and innovations. In addition, following the fact that M. vitrata is one of the economic and stubborn pests of African yam bean, knowledge of the December 6, 2020 Posted by Blit Zedia Entrepreneurship. When planting coincides with a dry spell, setts are plante… Harvesting techniques in Growing Yam: After 7-12 months of planting, the wilting of the aerial parts of the plant indicates maturity. Yields varied little from the early to the intermediate planting dates because of an offset between the length of the vegetative phase, which determined leaf area, and the level of RUE after TI, which determined the capacity of the crop to fill tubers. Plants are hardy to at least -18°C (-1°F). ► The RUE during tuberisation presents a bell pattern. <>/Font<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 1/Type/Page>> You can also learn how to grow yams in a container and how to grow yams indoors. Fill a third of the pot with potting mix, pop in the yam, then top up with soil. In many tropical regions the planting date of yam varies according to the onset of the rainy season. Yams are perennial herbaceous vines cultivated for the consumption of their starchy tubers in many temperate and tropical regions, especially in Africa, South America and the Caribbean, Asia, and Oceania. Planting of the crop in the Caribbean and Central America is usually carried out between March and July. Yam is a plant consisting of a corm, from which stem, tuber and root emerge annceally during the growing season yam have a week fibrous root. Application of Rainfall-Potential Evapotranspiration Model for Determining Optimum Planting Date of Yam Dioscorea Rotundata in a Tropical Wet-and-Dry Climate. This was partitioned for the purpose of attaining optimal planting date into early and late, respectively as Σ(P-0.1PE) ≤ 0 designated as T 1 and Σ(P-0.5PE) ≤ 0 as T 2. Techniques such as using They are consumed as cooked starchy vegetables. (Show °C/cm) Space plants: 12 - 18 inches apart Similarly, in several Caribbean countries, yam is planted after sugarcane (Saccharum officinarumL. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. <>stream I’d recommend dedicating a single bed to growing sweet potatoes since the vines will require some room to spread. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. from 12.9 h in March to 11.3 h in October). Yam, any of several plant species of the genus Dioscorea, grown for their edible tubers. Yam is the common name for some plant species in the genus Dioscorea (family Dioscoreaceae) that form edible tubers. Adobe PDF Library 10.0; modified using iTextSharp 5.1.3 (c) 1T3XT BVBAYam, Rainfall-Potential Evapotranspiration, Planting date, Agro-climatic indices H��W�n�H}�W���¢�ݼ��m���`G/'��ؚ�EA��x�~�Nu7/��A�lvW��ԩ�ˋ�W�~�Y��矯^�}��k���j��՗�ׯ���:�I�m��, Yam, Rainfall-Potential Evapotranspiration, Planting date, Agro-climatic indices. If u look closely u will notice I used ashes in preserving my seedlings , the head or top of my yams are always cut out neatly and rub with ashes to prevent them from decaying easily until the next planting season. <>stream I get thrilled when people create great things out … The mean value of RUE increased from the early (March, 1.4 g MJ−1) to the intermediate planting dates (July, 2.7 g MJ−1), and then decreased for the late planting dates (October, 1.3 g MJ−1). %PDF-1.6 Yams are native to warmer regions of both hemispheres, and several species are cultivated as staple food crops in the tropics. References. ► Maximum RUE increases from the early (March) to the late (October) planting dates. Yams contain more sugar than sweet potatoes but they also contain a toxin called oxalate that must be thoroughly cooked before safe for ingestion. Plant in good quality, well draining soil. Cut your yam root into chunks about the size of a peach, dip them in ashes, then plant them. When the slips are 6 to 12 inches tall, you can plant them outdoors, as long as all danger of frost has passed. The model described yam development and growth satisfactorily for all the planting dates: e.g. By selecting large tubers for planting it may help in controlling the Yam mosaic diseases. Watering of Yam has to be done in a thorough manner after the plantation of slips to raise the contact between the soil and the stems. As water yam is very sensitive to small variations in photoperiod, changes in the planting date may greatly affect crop development and growth. An easily grown plant, succeeding in a fertile well-drained soil in a sunny position or light shade, though it is best in full sun. Plant the slips 12 to 18 inches apart in the bed. Part of my yam seedlings I am going to plant around late April or early may in Abuja. The RUE was relatively stable in the vegetative phase, increased after tuber initiation (TI) to reach a maximum value during the exponential phase of tuber growth, and then decreased towards the end of growth. Yam plant vines are not sturdy and require support in order to produce a large yield. 5-20 tubers per plant D. Opposita Chinese yam 24 weeks 4-6 t.ha-1 D. rotundata White yam 200-330 days 16-20 t.ha-1 D. trifida Cush-cush yam 280-330 days 15-20 t.ha-1 Source: (Opara, 1999). Step 1: Divide the Yam. Yam, Rainfall-Potential Evapotranspiration, Planting date, Agro-climatic indices. Keep an eye on the plants and stake the mounds approximately 4 weeks after the vines first emerge. ► Yam yields are similar from March to July and sharply decrease for the late dates. 1 and 2) and set seeds in fruits (Fig. endobj 3 0 obj Many yams grow to giant sizes of up to 7 feet long and 150 pounds. Plant the slips deep enough to cover the roots and about ½ … Make 42 inch rows and space each plant 18 … Title [137-151]Planting Dates Effects on Growth and Yield of Yams (Dioscorea.pdf Author: sara Created Date: 10/27/2016 8:43:59 PM Plant the yam 3 to 4 inches below the topsoil in your garden. endobj Gardeners cut tubers crosswise into three pieces. %���� * How to grow orchids outside Yams are ready to harvest as soon as their shamrock-like … Growth and yield drastically decreased for the late planting dates because photoperiod induced fast TI which strongly affected the leaf area. Disease-free plants produce suitable cuttings for growing yams and need planting before they sprout, usually in August. <> These should be planted in temperate zones in March-April. My best yam planting tips. The planting-harvest period varied from 4.4 months for the late planting dates to 9.1 months for the early planting dates. The distance between the planted yams should be one meter by one meter at a depth of about ten centimeters. Use bamboo canes as support for these yam vines, which can grow up to 10 ft. 4. 2012-04-07T10:20:13+08:00Scientific & Academic Publishing2012-12-10T14:44:56+08:00 When planting, cover the slips in dirt but leave the leaves exposed. A good-sized yam can get you a dozen or more plants if you divide it well. That’s just the reason why the pre-sprouting process is best started ahead of the planting time, at least for 3 weeks. ► There is an offset effect between the levels of LAI and RUE during tuberisation. Maximum RUE was negatively correlated with photoperiod. Most edible yams reach maturity in 8-11 months after planting. endobj The general model for selecting the planting date of each yam cultivar in the two experi-mental years was 0.1PE