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The Extreme Warrior SuperLite trailers - have your cake and eat it, too. These beauty’s have the same unique quality and features found in our popular wide body trailers... except the weight. Our SuperLites range in weight from 5500 lbs dry to approximately 6900 lbs loaded to the hilt with available options. 

What’s the difference? We’ve made these trailers 6” narrower and a bit shorter to save on weight. Plus, we’ve employed a few additional industry tricks we keep up our sleeves to help lighten the load. Don’t fret about space though - we’ve managed to keep a guaranteed 12’ or 15’ full width of cargo space (depending on the model).

True to our mission to constantly refine, improve and give strong attention to detail, we’ve also added a new stand in bedroom. We’re constantly striving to produce trailers you’re proud to own - and we’re positive you’ll love our new SuperLites.