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(6000 lbs to 9000 lbs)

The first deliveries of these newly designed 5ths are due mid-summer 2012, and are designed with more luxury in the bed and baths than the pull trailer lines to date. The number one priority still remains with a high percentage of full width cargo, but with special attention paid to the master bedroom and bath - with more space, sotrage, and extra comfort for it's owner. This trailer will be second to non in this price range of 5th wheels. 

There will be three sizes, ranging from 28' to 34' and will have full width cargo from 12' to 18'. They will range in weight between 6000 and 9000 lbs and will come standard with slide out rooms. They will have Warrior's new signature features, like over-rated tires, HD brakes, easily lubed suspensions points and bearings and stock set up for high miles and use over long distances. 

Although function and long term dependability is at the top of our list of important features, we also care very much about price and style, we are careful to pick the most functional floor plans and models. We expect to live with these models for the long haul and will continue to refine them, helping keep the costs down and the resale value high. Providing an affordable and dependable trailer that is high in resale value is Extreme Warrior's refined mission for it's new generation of toy haulers.