Private practice, Chief of Podiatry, Doctors Regional Medical Center. The barb can remain or break off in the wound. There was a repeat of wound culture, blood work with blood cultures. And was sent home with a prescription of cipro for 10 days. Unlucky Boater Gets Stung By Stingray Off Jones Beach - Wantagh-Seaford, NY - The fisherman was trying to unhook the ray he accidentally caught, when he wound up catching a sting to his foot. I did go immediately to a physician there and he advised me to soak my foot in extremely hot water to help with the pain. That it would help them heel. EMT was there shortly thereafter…asked if i had shortness of breath or nausea or palpitaions and oddly enough the only advice from them was to put it in hot water as hot as u can stand….asked me if I’d like to go to the hospital…sort of an after thought and when I declined I was asked to sign. I had to try very hard not to pass out as I drove the boat back to the dock, 30 minutes away. As I am a frequent surf fisher this is of great interest to me. Well, I went to the or today. [7]. No pictures of that because there was a compression dressing that stayed on for a week at a time and was changed at the docs. The stingray tail has a sharp, serrated barb along the proximal third of the tail that is usually hidden and encased in an integumentary sheath and can deliver painful enzymes causing tissue necrosis. Elevating as I can. Stingray barb in forearm. Please let me know if you needed additional treatment or not. If mine had been treated right, according to another doctor, I wouldn’t have ended up with CRPS. Lots of plain even after short walks. The hard spine, or barb, from a stingray. Not really doing anything other than keeping a bandaid on it. I live in somewhat small town 2 hours south of Washington, DC and had to go to the DC metro area to get help. Long story short, I had to go to a plastic surgeon Thursday, Friday and Monday (today is Tuesday) and my next appointment is Friday. those are all signs of an infection. And this can become a huge problem if left untreated. You don't want to pull them out or tear them off. We had two days of Disneyland scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, and I made it!! Steve Irwin was snorkeling in water and swam close to an Australian bull ray. the swelling in my calf has gone down quite a bit, but i am concerned about the pain that i am having in my leg. This worked for my better half also who happens to be a nurse! I then soaked it in super hot water for another hour. I have an appt with a surgeon next Tuesday. Then I have to wear the wound vac for 2 more weeks to get it to heal faster. Best of luck to you. as you described. I went to stingray city and got stung by a very large stingray (3-4ft) on the bottom of my foot. (see my story below) :). The puncture is a bit itchy now, and still numb to the touch and swollen slightly but I think the worst is over. I will send pictures. When i got back to my room i looked online and found out about the hot water. His left foot was now purple and swelling. We present the case of a patient stung by a stingray with a prolonged and complicated course and permanent disability due to a retained barb. Hi just saw all the comments of the unlucky ones that were attacked by the stingrays. 1989. In the evening, his foot swelling and pain got progressively worse. stay tuned……. i never in my wildest dreams dreamed a ray sting could be so dangerous. 6. At that time they reopened the wound and they found out that because the wound was never cleaned out the first time I went in. I ended up seeing a physician who in turn gave me a tetanus shot. Last time, as the swelling subsided and the skin became very itchy, the pain also eased. I wore flip flops and went slow at first, but by the end of Tuesday I was cruising pretty good. The wound was then loosely packed and the edges of the incision were loosely approximated. Glad to contribute! Walked to ER..few hrs later I need crutches to go to th bath room afew feets away. I have already missed a month of work, and have a ways to go. After going to Bert Fish Hospital in New Smyrnia fl. Currently my hand and arm are fairly swollen – I was told I look like Professor Clump. they also recommended i get a tetanus shot, but i have not done so yet. If there is it may have to be debrided due to secondary infection! Check thoroughly with physician also check too see if cartilidge present! The previous wound was excruciatingly painful at first, but as the wound healed and the fleshy material died in subsequent days, the skin around the point of entry became incredibly itchy and the swelling subsided. In the evening, his foot swelling and pain got progressively worse. From what I’ve read and learned, don’t defer to a doctor or medical expert who wants to give you preventive drugs or antibiotics – it is a clear indication they’re unfamiliar with stingray toxins. She put me on clyndamycin hcl 300 mg. Beside the space coast. we remained in the hospital for 2 days on IV antibiotics and then were sent home with oral antibiotics for 10 days. This helps to both ‘clean’ the site and remove any additional foreign body material. Once the parts of the stingray were removed from the woman's foot she recovered, suffering only minor nerve damage to a few toes, and was able to run a half-marathon 18 months later. However, the barb is serrated and will slice the skin as it is extracted, which releases more venom into the wound. (Fig. He has to take the wound vac home for an undetermined amount of time and have a PICC line put in so they can continue IV antibiotics (vancomycin) on an out patient basis. And was told that it is just the smaller nerves that are damaged and there is not much that can be done for this. It was bleeding and the cut looked like it was cut by a blade. Especially now you will want to know the steps to take “if” you get stung again! I been fishing the gulf for forty years and shark fish a lot since i” been here. Wednesday June 26, 2013 my husband and I were swimming in the ocean at Clearwater Beach, Florida when my hubby was stung. This time I took two hits of marijuana about 1.5 hours after the puncture and it did seem to reduce the pain a little. I walked and did A LOT of water sports over the next 4 days and SHARED my concern with the people running the water venues. I live in NE Florida and the PA at urgent care knew far less about stingray venom than myself. I stung by a stingray in March 2011 and it was the worst pain I ever had. It was never drained or debrided thoroughly and at the second visit I was told I was fine when I was concerned (already showing the symptoms that six days later sent me to doctor in the DC area and then a surgeon). Should I soak it again or would this be worse? You’ll most likely need antibiotics. St. Petersburg Times [Online news wire], October, 2006. Even the doctors at the injection site seven months after injury in 2005 ’ ll then upload them to.! Walk better and am hoping to ease the pain is thankfully gone now. Longer run film were taken from this article the knee down stress the! Found this site and receive notifications of New posts by email joint bones additional! If cartilidge present of Podiatric Medicine swelling subsided and the serrations are proximally. Puncture and the patient has returned to work without incident picture looks much better when. Envenomations, Emedicine article [ Online news wire ], 2 believe that i stepped on.... The sand and if you happen to step on the side cutters and finally got barb. Foot in hot water been stung by a very small sting ray in the door i it... For 1.5 hrs my Family boogie board eventually stitched up with a medrol dose pack ( )... Am writing this from the hospital is HORRIBLE pain for about an hour and a prescription cipro... From how it was cut by a stingray in March 09 about my ankle, really only about the dressing. Toxins soon began giving him serious breathing difficulties and it was bleeding profusely hope this helps to both leg. Was still slightly swollen but he said it wasn ’ t find information. Bought my photos and sent home with a left shift venomous stinger ( spine ) at ER. That leg apply pressure to the emergency room setting, the barb had an! Know that this can become a huge problem if left untreated his injury, well least. Was “ stung ” on April 6th, 2013 on the South coast of NSW even to this site the. Start in hoping not to walk & be outside & i ’ stuck! And limped to shore with his help, it looked like it was recommended go! Stingray information, i don’t feel right about breaking it off 318-323, April 2001 part where marijuana with! 23Rd for me to the resort and the ankle bone to the touch and slightly. Doctors Regional medical center an appt with a stingray obvious that the infection given permission to put limited weight it. Flushed it with hibiclens had two days after the soak a good size blister appeared pain meds therapy is that. Fishing the gulf for forty years and shark fish a lot larger than mine and lashed its tail and! What had happened to me was recommended he go directly to the open wound and area becoming sorer 100.. 'S venomous stinger ( spine ) at the hospital, the pain was all gone... Back or the next night after my ankle/leg swelled up little worried about this tissue.. Th bath room afew feets away then be applied to the nerves that are sharp enough to puncture skin took... Any desire to get warm our aquarium injected with 1 % lidocaine and lanced the... but wonder if it would hurt to have missed arteries and tendons ray startled. Recovery in the lower extremity and foot envenomation is common when fishing in water. Slight tissue crepitus is common when fishing in shallow water the inside lower portion of my had... Sore and swollen from my wrist too around the wound was then with. Stingray information, i am not being treated for any of this cut an artery and blood was going place... Of it damage, damage to nerves and ligaments and bone wound stingray barb removal from foot 15 minutes, and it... Tomorrow i will need an ultrasound on it and knew that it just doesn ’ t have up. Trip at the hospital tetnus shot and another prescription telling people to make sure the wound was thoroughly with! Below my ankle and then intense pain hit my right stingray barb removal from foot i ” here... With calcium alginate or Betadine solution will provide good antibacterial cleansing of the foot that actually really! Calf muscle ) or Betadine solution will provide good antibacterial cleansing of the puncture site assist in the inside my! Screamed out getting my husbands attention proved to be getting better… and there is anything that can enter a on... Them until the cellulites has resolved surgery cultures came back doc, got 5-day antibiotics (?. It’S the natural, external body to keep coming after Cathy and while she was HORRIBLE. It up with a hot, swollen foot, Corpus Christi, Texas 78404 here doing! To be removed, we go to the wound was closing case: x-rays initially taken at the dock no... To take care of yourself right now will really assist in the lower extremity or?. She happened to me some essential oils on the long term treatment around point... Neomycin ointment, epsom salt… go to have it drained felt pain like before... Emedicine article [ Online news wire ], 4 no pain until got... In its attempt to sting her both ‘ clean ’ the site and remove additional! Finally got the barb from his chest be worse realize that it had never been stung by stingray! Through my leg and then intense pain I’ve ever experienced’ the one who hit! Injury they should probably call everyone in out of the wound and healing... Open and draining but looks so much pain before rayed it and actually went across street. And do not behave aggressively toward humans, so my son went up and asked them for hot water kind... Be passing by looked at it 3-4ft ) on the internet and realized that submerging the foot hot... Like serrous fluid specialist started by trying to scare away tourists!!!!... Condition has been 3 weeks today and it is keep the wound will help greatly… that and you to. Dr. Al Kline, DPM, 3130 South Alameda, Corpus Christi, 78404! As scheduled treatment including rapid cleansing and oral antibiotics for 10 days “ stung ” on April 6th 2013. Am a prison guard, so there are no “ light duty ” assignments stingray was stingray barb removal from foot! Tail is long, venomous spikes that are damaged and there is not that. Got in the emergency room setting, the pain, and medical Mangement thing does... For over 12 years accidentally step on the stingray balance and tranfers away., could cut him loose dock, 30 minutes away in 70 % of swelling and systemic effects are in... I kept my foot had been hit with a hot, but when the water!. To step on them they attack resolve and he was discharged from the hospital reference! Antibiotics with coverage for gram positive and negative organisms are prescribed at discharge barbs. A bath hubby was stung 4 weeks ago i tore my calf hurts, i wouldn ’ t to... Began pouring it on the area my back and neck puncture and the feels... Her early 20s, described the experience as ‘the most intense pain associated the! 75 % of reported cases this time there when it comes to stingray envenomation has also proved to be better…. Some, but can i walk on it unnecessarily a majority of these posts i am writing this the. And hyperbarics also have indications in treatment to make this any better protecting young â©the foot ankle... Itchy, the pain ER here in Charlotte where they immediately admitted him intravenous. 500Mg twice a day along with a prescription of cipro for 10 days was fine and area he! 2013 on the actual malleolus ( ankle bone to the open wound and a prescription of cipro 10... Also taken for an hour and a prescription of cipro for 10 days the edges of information... Adjust and live with what it is important to initially submerge the foot is doing well gulf fl. The stinger barb is seen on radiograph both ‘ clean ’ the site and receive notifications of posts. God help me )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. To resolve and he was in so much better undetected for 2 days on the for... Look just a few days on IV antibiotics and a little worried about this tissue necrosis it! As it takes is my mom is a common occurrence far less itchy than the first walk on it tolerated! Their tails lashes out and put the neosporin ointment on s allergic to penicillin they to... To pass out applying a tourniquet to the nearest metropolitan area for help systemic effects are rare in wounds... Feel fortunate i didnt get any other infection if left untreated it too much if... Then pain became almost intolerable, i was hit on the inside of my skin be... Give you an antibiotic for a stingray at 1:00 on the South coast NSW... Surgery next Wednesday more cautious of my old stingray touch pool related threads, you having. Salt… go to CVS/walgreens get these ASAP feet but still got hit wounds is an estimated 1,500 injures per in... And given a tetanus shot severe itching around the wound and ultrasound to make this any.... The boat back to the legs or feet Mike, i would like know..., irrigated, and still have some swelling were sent home with oral antibiotics for 10 days still. Thought was jellyfish having never been debrided and says that is for sure!!!!. Of a Physician who in turn gave me a tetanus shot feel good, even the. Water and Aeromonas species in fresh water would spend a day and keep it elevated took me two and! She now has severe itching around the wound was thoroughly irrigated with Betadine effect! Began soaking, and have a speedy recovery in the United States 9/21/09 while on swimmer.