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(Both with and without divider walls)

The first deliveries of these bad boys will be late summer, 2012 - and will come in two distinct floorplans. 

Divider Wall Coaches

The divider wall coaches with limited cargo will have very deep and wide slides in the living areas only, and will have complete separation from the toys - or call it a second bedroom. (14' cargo &  26' living). Why doesn't anyone pump heat into the 2nd bedroom?

Non-Divider Wall Coaches

Non-divider wall units will have more available cargo, by using the fold away living room model for extended cargo space. Non-divider coaches will also come with slides, but the slides will function in a way to still have cargo space in the living room even with the slides moved in. (20' cargo & 40' living)


Because full width cargo space is our first priority, we will offer both of these floorplans in a 40' and a 45' unit with the extra length added to the cargo area in both. This coach will take all of the best ideas in the industry to date and will improve on them. They will most likely have a jack and jill half bath for guests and the master bedroom and the bathroom will be more private to it's owner (a true master suite). These wide body units will have mega floor space, much head and storage room, three axles with overkill running gear and enough tongue weight to make your truck ride like a limousine and turn like a sports car. 

This series of units will test the limits of our knowledge and what we can do with it. We aim to build the best of the best, from the onset of these coaches we will build out the things that we don't like on today's existing industry standards, and improve on every feature we like - all in an attempt to build the sexiest, most functional and very very comfortable Extreme Warrior flagship product, all while never taking our eyes off of costs, style and dependability. 

We aim to raise the bar in every category. Expect more from Extreme Warrior, we are enthusiasts building trailers for enthusiasts. 

-Mark E. Warmoth