Amerrk/Amurruk, it means “land in the west” Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Standard Disclaimer. George Washington was the 9th president by the way. Waldseemüller named the new lands “America” on his 1507 map in the recognition of Vespucci’s understanding that a new continent had been uncovered following Columbus’ and subsequent voyages in the late 15th century. You may not like it, but this is a simple fact. Explore the 15th century story of John Cabot and Richard Amerike. Explanation of How did America get its name? Just to ‘assume’ it was called ‘America’ for no reason doesn’t make any sense. The Spanish claimed land from what is now the United States to the north. Spanish speakers however are comfortable with “estadounidense” (also with informal “yanki”). I especially agree with Doug – I do think Canada should call itself United Provinces of America and UPA for the short version (which can be considered Optional as a Nickname for Canada)!!! Your description of America being a latinized version of Amerigo is ambiguous and nonsensical. New York the city is located in the state of New York in the USA. Reader Adam from Fairfax, Virginia, wrote in to ask, “How did the US states get their names?” This week, we’re tackling the origins and meaning of the names 10 … Who decided on the name for the United States of America? Variants- Amurika, Amerrica, Amurru, Amaru, Amerruka, “America”, has never been, “United” as a country! Waldseemüller’s large world map was the most exciting product of that research effort. Don’t forget, who is writing these books? HOW OFTEN YOU REFERENCE YOURSELF AS AN AMERICAN? Brazil, a South American country, has not always been known by its current name. See Graeme Davis, Vikings in America (Birlinn, 2009). The land of milk and honey. No other country in the Western Hemisphere named their country with the name “America” as part of that country name. Records show that, in 1481…”R. You should clarify that America is the name of the whole continent, named after Amerigo Vespucci. The Americas make up most of the land in Earth's Western Hemisphere and comprise the New World.. Mumbai’s V Unbeatable lives up to its name, crowned America’s Got Talent champions mumbai Updated: Feb 20, 2020, 23:49 IST. While doing that, they brought another set of people with them ( slaves ). Altogether the complete name amounted to "United States of America". Today America is regarded as the most affluent and powerful country of the world. El nombre AMERICA fue dado al CONTINENTE descubierto por los españoles en honor al navegante explorador italiano nacionalizado español AMERICO VESPUCIO porque fue uno de los primeros en darse cuenta que este era un nuevo CONTINENTE y no la India como creyó erróneamente Cristóbal Colón por eso se llamó a nuestro CONTINENTE AMERICA en su honor porque nuestro CONTINENTE se llama AMERICA y no por ejemplo Americo ya que nombre fue dado en honor a AMERICO VESPUCIO porque los otros CONTINENTES tenían nombres en FEMENINO EUROPA ASÍA ÁFRICA por eso también se decidió llamar a nuestro CONTINENTE AMERICA en FEMENINO y no por ejemplo Americo el nombre AMERICA fue dado al CONTINENTE descubierto por los españoles en honor al navegante explorador italiano nacionalizado español AMERICO VESPUCIO en el AÑO 1507 en esa época solo habían en el CONTINENTE colonias españolas y portuguesas los británicos llegaron al CONTINENTE recién en el AÑO 1607 100 AÑOS después de dado el nombre al CONTINENTE Learn yankis.. Disclaimer. privilege to post content on the Library site. ? IF YOU LIVE IN AMERICA AND CALL YOURSELF AN AMERICAN, THEREFORE, YOU ARE AN AMERICAN LIVING IN AMERICA. This name came about because of its definition. It derives from a character in Greek mythology, Europa. Editorial credit: marchello74 / A crown jewel in the Library’s cartographic collections is the map, also known as “America’s Birth Certificate.” While the map has been much publicized since it was acquired in 2003, it’s worthy of exploration today of all days. • Benjamin Franklin’s testimony before Parliament in 1766. Actually the indigenous Arawakan’s were not indigenous….they came from South America…. Today America is regarded as the most affluent and powerful country of the world. The cartographer Martin Waldseemueller in 1507 made up the name ‘America’ by converting m mAmerigo’ [Vespucci’s first name] into Latin to honor his discovery of the SOUTH AMERICAN Continent. NY 10036. They started to colonize the land. You can take it whichever way you want…. These names all reference land masses of many countries and all are named different and unique names, only one of which has the name “America” as part of its name. The name is believed to have originated specifically from ‘Terra Australis’ a hypothetical continent that was hypothesized in pre-modern geography. The natives of the country have long called it Mexico, however. MEXICO ARE MEXICANS, CANADA ARE CANADIANS AND BRAZIL ARE BRAZILIANS. How Did America Get Its Name? How can you be the best when you are the most racist country in the world, a country where people love guns and killing each other, especially killing people of color; a country where all the bad things of the world dwell and thrive like in a fertile land; for instance, drugs, murder, racism and everything bad ever existed. Our founding fathers drafted and adopted the Declaration of Independence, declaring America’s freedom from Great Britain and setting in motion universal human rights. You have no legal documents to support that claim, because you ARE U.S. CITIZENS! They made their way from Detroit and registered the name AnnArbour after their wives. 2 The country of Mexico was named after its capital city, Mexico City. SO THE UNITED STATES IS THE ORIGINAL AMERICAN AND BORN IN THE UNITED STATES SOIL YOUR BORN IN AMERICA. The term Australia owes its popularity to an English explorer, Matthew Flinders who first used it 1804. “America” is the name of the WHOLE Continent, from pole to pole (including Greenland), that’s why we have South, Central and North America. It was applied to both North and South America by Gerardus Mercator in 1538. Those 2 words being “Ame” and “Rica” Amerigo was an assumed nickname. Amerigo latinized version is AMERICA. About two dozen times Franklin and his questioners referred to the Colonies as ‘America’. Now there are 50 states that are united…the United States. No one discovered America. The name came from Richard Ameryk, the Bristol merchant who employed Italian John Cabot (his English name), and, as was custom at the time, the newly discovered land was called after the surname of the financier of the project. Going to America in the Spanish language might have meant going to anywhere in Latin America. How bless America. America is a continent not a country. In a geographical context, this can also be interpreted as a place to the west. It is wrong for USA to call itself just ‘America’ and ‘Americans’. For all of you who still wonder why United States of America has the word “America” in it: “America” has been used to name the entire “discovered” land of mass (this belongs to a different topic) for centuries way before United States included in its name. Which The United States is a privately owned Corporation. How Did Paraguay Get Its Name? So you have to understand that most likely they would name this “New World” something in their own native language, that which being Spanish. Until 15 years ago, the document that gave the United States of America the basis for its name was housed in Germany. You can see perfectly clear were the name America evolved from. Question How did the squash get its name? I wish to see the percent of Canadians who see America as a continent versus a country. The Indigenous people where here! English cod fishermen had been making landfall and trading with Indians in New England for myears before Columbus made his “discovery” of The New World in 1492 as had Scandinavians m mbefore him. Native Indians spread this fruit, called Ananas, through South and Central America to the West Indies. ( I think (the top) people in the “United States of (the continent) America” started to increasingly refer to their country just as “America”, thus appropriating the name of the continent, because the name is “warmer” and more “evocative” than just “United States of America”. The name comes from the river, which got its name from the Native American communities that used it for transportation and food. Ame-rica – love of the land of riches and wealth. Americans’ when referring to their country. A country creating and waging wars all over the world just to expand their imperial hegemony and steal other countries resources at the expenses of the life of millions already. In contrast to anything in the old world. People were going to the Americas…plain and simple.between 1507 and 1776 there is a gap of 269 years .from the wedsmuller map and the foundation of the U.S.of!!!. Columbus would not accept it wasn’t India until the day he died. To just totally forget about the history that was here for so long before Columbus and give Amerigo Vespucci the credit for the name is crazy. Hey comment #4 Brian, do us all a favor in the USA, stay south of the border with your unintelligent remarks. may result in removed comments. Example Africa was renamed after Scipio Aficanus! Columbus was not the first European in the New World but “his discovery” lead to the Americans, Amurricans, Amurrukans, Amurikans, Al Maurikas, The legendary God QuetzlcoATL, a mythical culture hero from whom almost all mesoamerican peoples claim descent, taught them farming, etc. The fact is that Christopher Columbus visited Iceland in 1477-78, and learned of a western landmass named “Markland”. History tells us, and has done for years, that the name of America came from one Amerigo Vespucci, a Florentine transatlantic explorer who was a navigator with Christopher Columbus in 1499, and the first geographer to realise that the Americas were separate continents. M Breezy P . So stop trying to make up excuses for America (by itself) – USA people. Art The Untold Story of How Argentinian Tango Evolved. US citizens should be called USers… fitting and acurate. It’s so confusing on purpose, but the purpose was to steal the birth rights. North America first appeared in English Cartographic Charts of the world in 1502. And that, your founding fathers, after the country got its Independence many years later after the continent was named, decided to call it United States of America. The Greeks are generally credited with creating the concept of an Asia, which at the time included Persians, Arabs, Indians, and anyone not African or European. The name apper too latin to suppose the origin come from Ameryk. THANK GOD!!! New York, But Jacox says shortly before the name was to be ratified, lawmakers discovered it was a fraud. Likewise, in English American is unambiguous and refers to the people with US citizenship. The exploits of Christopher Columbus are well known to most school-children, and even the name Amerigo Vespucci is widely circulated through international culture, but the exact details of the latter legend are usually unknown, and the two men’s relationship is often viewed as a mystery. The Americas were named for Explorer Amerigo Vespucci. The first time the name “America” appeared on a map, it was written over the current territory of Brazil. Reading all these comments, I am disappointed that no-one has picked up on the theory that the name “America” is derived from the discovery of North America by Leif Erikson in about 1000 AD. Live Science is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. ok so i know america was named after Amerigo Vespucci, but i was thinking why america why not Vespucci arnt they sappose to name the place after a person's last name, and there is no last name such as america It is kind of like parents naming their child “Brazil”. AMERICA IS NOT A COUNTRY AMERICA ITS A CONTINENT. until ca 918 AD. ( Although, apparent to most people now, America and the “American dream” was built and is still being built based on Capitalism and Capitalists ideas. Asias did too. Heinrich means Home Ruler. In his early life Amerigo Vespucci was a diplomat. It is definition 4a – used as a function word to indicate the whole that includes the part denoted by the preceding word – most of the army. America got it’s name from the Amaru Khans, they where the original people! There are other examples I’ve run across, such as King Louis XVI, French generals who fought in the Revolutionary War, and King George III, all referring to the US as ‘America’, but I can’t find links. – South Americans are ‘Americans living in the South(ern) part of its real name America’ or ‘Americans of the South’! NOT AMERICANS! Lately, there has also arisen the claim that America might have been named after Richard Amerike, a wealthy merchant from England. Amerigo Vespucci was born in 1453 in Florence. The border to the south took in most of Central America. Just one last though: If the United States (not America) is the best country in the world, how come it’s always far from ranking first in the Human Development Index? My name means The Noble Home Ruler of Different Hearts and more men with my name died fighting for this country than any other name. What goes into a name? The naming of the Americas, or America, occurred shortly after Christopher Columbus' voyage to the Americas in 1492. This is our name. I think Canada should call itself The United Provinces of America, or the UPA. It’s hard to believe that so many people (mostly South Americans) don’t realize that the entire world does not agree with their contention that”America” is one continent. The taking of things from a person or persons and claiming them as your own. Columbus Or Amerigo Vespucci? "The Young & the Restless," one of only a handful of surviving soap operas, is still sponsored, in part, by Procter & Gamble under their production company offshoot, Proctor & Gamble Entertainment. After killing the indigenous people, raping and stripping them of their original existence. Nevertheless, Still A Controversy! remove content for any reason whatever, without consent. “Mer” is Latin for “sea” or “ocean”, as seen on most old maps. It was call AmEricka, and we had many kings, pyrimides, scientist, moors, yamassee, deleware, washitaha and that’s not even 100th if how long we “backs” have been infiltrated and stolen from,murdered, and had our credit deminish. But turkey is certainly not from Turkey. Is a logical consequence of his discovered. It was never meant to be a country for people of color and is still that way, with the exception of slow demographic evolution. It was the first map, printed or manuscript, to depict clearly a separate Western Hemisphere, with the Pacific as a separate ocean. Amurruka, America. Colin Moffat He included on the map data gathered by Vespucci during his voyages of 1501-1502 to the New World. It is from Ameryk that the name, North America, is derived owing to his sponsorship of the voyagesto Newfoundland, rather than from Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian mapmaker who discovered South America but (1) who never came near North America (2) and who had labeled South America In 1984 William Safire, concerned about the accuracy or propriety of using “American” as the name of a denizen of the United States of America, sought alternatives, finding none, such as “Unisian,” “United Statesian,” “Usian,” or Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Usonian,” satisfactory. Because all of you self declared scholars have ALL DIFFERENT answers but yet you all did research. Directional words including ‘central’ are … History The Story Behind How Buenos Aires Got Its Name. That’s why we have a president/CEO/overseer. Wiki User Answered . The theory was set out in a letter to the British newspaper, The Guardian, on 13 October 2019: “I fear Thomas Eaton (Weekend Quiz, 12 October) is giving further credence to “fake news” from 1507, when a German cartographer was seeking the derivation of “America” and hit upon the name of Amerigo Vespucci, an obscure Florentine navigator. North America was not named after…Amerigo Vespucci. July 4th. America is the land of the west, All of this is untrue. Reply. The United States of America would have been the last found country; however, it has a great history. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING…? Well, no one can say for sure where Asia got its name; although, there are plenty of theories about the origin of the word "Asia." deal with it. He only navigated the South Atlantic coasts of Brazil and Argentina. And many countries have, over time, changed their names which is their right to do so. But I bet my bottom dollar that deep inside you love that about your country, that it is the bully of the world, that it is powerful and rich, cause that’s all you yanquis care about; money and power. The short answer is: we don’t know for sure but we think we got a reasonably good answer. South Americans are free to call themselves whatever they like – Americans in the US honestly don’t care – but simply insisting that “America is a continent and not a country” doesn’t make it true. Nevertheless, Willing planted a seed that his territory should be named Idaho – an idea that found its way to the U.S. Senate in 1860. That was here in American before the White Europeans came and invaded the America’s and it’s (original people). The earlier Spanish explorers referred to the area as the Indies believing, as did Columbus, that it was a part of eastern Asia. 269 years are more than enough. “America” is identified in the top portion of this segment of the 1507 Waldseemüller map. Those that bother to look up a map can clearly deduced that America is in fact a continent comprising 3 Americas… North, central and South. The USA tries to get their way just to steal the continents’ name America. Being the name “America” more suggestive and evocative (it’s a female name, unlike “USA” which just sounds colder) it’s also an easier name on which to build a foundation for a godless, nationalistic religion, with the flag as its religious symbol (similar to the cross in Christianity), the anthem as a religious hymn (people get mad when you kneel during that…), the military as their priests (I even heard a UFC fighter, unironically nicknamed “Captain America”, years ago say after a fight that USA soldiers are the second coming of Christ on earth and that they are “dying for our sins”…), and the various presidents as the delegates of some kind of “God” on earth which “bless America” (and look down on the rest of the world, obviously, as the “America/God” religion is seen by its followers as a religious “truth”, just like the “american exceptionalism” dogma loved by both Democrats and Republicans, even though pretty much every country in the world is “exceptional” in its own way). In 1977, the World Council of Indigenous Peoples (Consejo Mundial de Pueblos Indígenas) proposed using the term Abya Yala instead of “America” when referring to the continent. The naming of America goes to show that it pays to have a good publicist. The name America is a combination of a Dutch word and a German word. If all the unique web pages in Google’s index were printed out, they would cover North America with a layer of paper five sheets thick. But very few people know then why wasn’t it named after him. And Who Discovered America? responsible for everything that you post. bbuns . “America” has been used to name the entire “discovered” land of mass (this belongs to a different topic) for centuries way before United States included in its name. My thing is doesn’t really matter who or what the US was named after it’s the fact that mostly likely The United States of “America” was named after a white/hispanic racist male. To wit: You can make a lot of money, with slave labor. But the evolution of the word to mean the region inhabited by the Colonists *before* the Declaration of Independence cannot be disputed and many (most?) As opposed to the slang, broken Spanish commonly heard in the United States today from citizens based out of Middle and South America. The native Indians proximate Mexico say they came from the Caribbeaan near Cuba after severe flooding, which could have been due to the glacial melting thousands of years ago. What got its name from Amerigo Vespucci is the continent. It’s improbably to lose y and k and replaced with i and c from a cartographic who lived in Alsace. That distinction belongs to a German writer of geography. On September 9, 1776, the Continental Congress formally declares the name of the new nation to be the “United States” of America. But to think of it another way, which most Americans have and still do: the united states of AMERICA. I have been looking for information on how was it that the United States chose the name “America” and where did it get it from? They could not be more different than the USA citizens. THE UNITED STATES IS THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT BELONGS ON THE AMERICAN CONTINENT? Also North Africa This land was called the Viceroyalty of New Spain or Nueva Espana. by The Free Dictionary Explorer John Cabot (English name) ‘discovered’ NORTH America in 1497 – four years before Vespucci. FromAlaska to Chile and Argentina. The name Aztecs was actually coined by explorer and geographer Alexander von Humboldt during his extensive travels through Latin America, observing the cultures of its indigenous people. While crossing the Atlantic, Vespucci met the returning fleet of Cabral, then homeward bound from Brazil, and was advised of prevailing latitudes, trade winds and ocean currents. I was ruled by or imposed by myths and mysteries… Almost everything I was taught, in my childhood, was nothing but bullshit and nonsense. But the only info that comes out is this one, that it is the new world’s name, the continent that Columbus discovered. Squashes are one of the oldest known crops–10,000 years by some estimates of sites in Mexico. If you claim your status is a color you are nothing and will never have nothing. So Im concerned with the fact that its human nature to name things by the surname…shouldn’t it be called Vespucci! I think the origin of name America come from Amerigo Vespucci. How did North America get its name? Earlier it was divided into 13 small colonies. – North America means ‘the north(ern) part of America’ or ‘in the north of America’ while South America means ‘the south(ern) part of America’ or ‘in the south of America’! Or better yet, how did the U.S.A. get the name America? America is a de facto Spanish word. Answer “Squash” comes from the Narragansett Native American word askutasquash, which means “eaten raw or uncooked.” Fresh squash varieties at a farmer’s market. The introduction to Waldseemüller’s “Cosmographie” actually contains the first suggestion that the area of Columbus’ discovery be named “America” in honor of Vespucci, who recognized that a “New World,” the so-called fourth part of the world, had been reached through Columbus’ voyage. Once a country gives itself a name this is what it is called just like the name of a person. However, there has been no refute or comment about that! About | Press | Jobs | Donate AMEN!!! THESE COUNTRIES DON’T BELONG NOR FOUND ON THE CONTINENTS OF ANTARCTICA, ERUOPE, ASIA, OCEANIA NOR AFRICA. This is the reason there’s 33,000 religions! America don’t celebrate its independence on 4th July, The US does. The people who say Canada and Latin America are Anti-Americans – will be called Anti-English Americans by me! Until 15 years ago, the document that gave the United States of America the basis for its name was housed in Germany. America is a continent, not a country. There are two sides in the argument over the origin of Arizona's name. Why aren’t the Indigenous People shouting “send them back” oh thats right they were massacred. Later there were more English settlers than Spanish; it’s my impression that they renamed much of America after England (Virginia, New England, etc). Truth out!! The country was named after Richard Ameryk, a Bristol merchant who paid for the voyage of discovery, several years before Vespucci. History is wrong. Therefore the name America means the Brave Home Ruler. However, some have suggested other explanations, including being named… recognition and subsequent development…read ‘theft“ of the American Continents and the Pacific Rim by Europeans. Originally designating a relatively small part of land, the name Europe was adopted in the early Middle Ages to refer to Christian lands on the continent. History Of The Name Of Brazil. Great information on the name. I really struggle understanding the logic of American politics or North Americans, especially when they vote a Psychopath to be president. Vespucci and others were named after “America”, not vice-versa. Geography and Map Division. NO BRAINER. Our founders created a new nation and called it, The United States of America. And then a German mapmaker decided to call it "America," the Latinized female version of the Italian explorer whose name originated from an 11th century Hungarian saint. “…America celebrates its independence. The story as to how America was named is very interesting. For America, the names of the 50 states reflect their histories, whether it be the tribes native to their region or the European countries that came to explore and colonize. Brazil is the original and true “America”, if one want’s to be tight, but it was just the name used for the entire “New World”. America. In 1493, Columbus, on his voyage to the Caribbean, found the fruit on the island of Guadaloupe. Its development is mainly a story of last two hundred years. If you, as a person, want to be called Bob everyone will call you Bob. We named ourselves America. In Real English… What do you think? I HAVE A QUESTION? From Patagonia to The Northwest Territories..we are all it or not. NORTH AMERICA SOUTH AMERICA PLUS CENTRAL AMERICA.TAKE OUT THE NORTH, THE SOUTH AND THE CENTRAL WHAT IS LEFT AMERICA.