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(4300 lbs to 5900 lbs - extremely half ton towable)

These pull trailers will be our most innovative trailers to date, available also in May 2012. Designed to be still smaller yet and lighter than the SuperLites, but they still have a high percentage of full width cargo (cargo is our first priority). On this line of trailers we put high attention to keep the overall size short and to keep the weight down, the useful full width cargo high, and still have a front bedroom. 

These coaches will have three sizes, ranging from 18' to 24' and have full width cargo from 10' to 16', and will have a front bedroom. They will be the first of their kind and have by far the best use of space in any pull trailer ever built. The 18' models with 10' of cargo and a front queen bed will prove that point - watch how quickly this one gets copied by the competition!

These trailers will have the highest priority in keeping the price, length and overall weight down. They will be available with a built in or portable generator - for our friends that want to save an additional $3000.00 and "rough it" a bit more. (Like having to go ALL the way outside to fuel, or turn the generator on & off.) These coaches will also come without some of the high mileage and typical overkill features present in the rest of the Extreme Warrior lines of pull trailers and fifth wheels - but for those of you still wanting a few touches of heavy duty features, these overkill features will still be available as an option!

Thank you - keep in touch for more information on these new coaches as we develop. We're more commited than ever... - Mark E. Warmoth